Full Review of Paradis Plage Surf and Yoga Resort in Agadir, Morocco

Review of Paradis Plage Surf and Yoga Resort in Agadir, Morocco

By Saima I. from UK. (Travelled in July 2022)

Location: Paradis Plage Surf and Yoga Wellness Resort
Bespoke by: Longevity Escapes


Post Covid, in addition to a bad lifestyle, I really needed a break. This time, I was looking for an alternative to a gluttonous, inactive holiday – something that would trigger me to be healthier and that would reboot my system. The search started by googling wellness retreats online. After trawling through several websites I came upon Longevity Escapes. The website seemed to have a wide choice of options and destinations available. After sending an inquiry, I decided to try their signature BioAge Detox holiday program in Morocco as I thought it promised everything I was seeking for and decided to book this private bespoke retreat


The booking experience:

The booking experience was excellent! This was because I haven’t done a wellness retreat before, and Longevity Escapes had to comprehensively explain the program, discuss prices, and concluded that Agadir would be the most suitable destination.

Unfortunately, shortly after making the reservation, my friend had an emergency at the last minute (death in the family) and couldn’t come with me to Morocco. We contacted Longevity Escapes for alternative dates or any possible refund, and although they were very efficient and did their best to negotiate with the resort, the resort declined to reschedule the retreat. Longevity Escapes advised me to find another friend so as not to lose part of the booking, which I did.

As a new guest was onboard, Sandra, the nutritionist, had to create a new personalised nutrition plan for my new partner and brief him on the retreat experience with no extra charge which we very much appreciated


The Resort

When we arrived at Agadir, the hotel transfer was there to greet us. We were driven 45 min along the coastline to our hotel in a small village called Imi Ouaddar. At arrival, check-in was smooth, and first impressions of Paradis Plage were very positive. The facilities were clean, and the staff were excellent. To our surprise, we were upgraded to a bungalow which was fantastic. The bedroom was upstairs, and downstairs was a spacious open plan with a mini kitchen lounge/ diner and an outside patio with furniture and a view over flowers to the sea.

What really makes the hotel special is its compactness and excellent staff. Our journey was made very personal, not like a sprawling resort but a clean, rustic, compact place on one of the most beautiful beaches I have come across.


The wellness journey

During my nutrition consultation, I informed Sandra about suffering from a skin condition called Lichen Planus which causes rashes and itchiness. My other symptoms were lack of mental clarity which affected my performance at work, bread and cheese cravings, lack of energy, and a persistent bloating feeling after each meal. I was told that there is a connection between GUT health and skin reactions. My tongue happened to also be very white, and was diagnosed with a possible candida or bacterial overgrowth due to eating a high carb diet. The nutrition recommendations aimed at improving my skin condition and balancing the intestinal microflora. Bread and all refined carbs were suppressed from my diet.

The nutritionist, at Longevity Escapes, had prepared bespoke breakfasts for all the days of our private retreat along with a longevity badge so the chef would be familiar with what we were supposed to eat.

To my surprise, I experienced an amazing transformation on my skin in just 2 days. Moreover, I didn’t experience the feeling of “heaviness” that I usually get in my daily life when eating bread, and I certainly felt more energetic.

Though it was difficult to abstain from bread, refined sugar and croissants at the breakfast buffet, there were also healthy options. They offer plenty of salads, fruits, vegetables and delicious fresh juices, which made it easier to follow my personal breakfast nutrition recommendations. I would perhaps recommend the hotel to have a designated eating area for those on bespoke meals or wellness programmes to avoid temptations!


The detox

The programme we opted for was the BioAge Detox programme by BioAge Nutrition™.

This was planned and booked as:

  • 08.30 am Breakfast
  • 10.55 am Detox supplements
  • 11.00 am Personal training HIIT or cardio workout
  • 13.00 pm Lymphatic massage or Verbatone massage
  • 17.30 pm Yoga session

Unfortunately, the Spa was not able to offer us the 13:00 pm appointments. Therefore, we had to adapt the timetable so we could fulfil the detox circuit schedule.


The spa

The spa was fantastic, from the hammam room, the steam rooms, to the massage rooms everything was spotless and aesthetically pleasing. There were only 2 types of treatment we could get on the Detox programme, the hammam and Moroccan scrubbing on the first day and a Verbatone massage on the rest of the days. We were supposed to get 2 Lymphatic massages but, unfortunately, the spa didn’t provide those or didn’t know how to stimulate the lymphatic system. Nonetheless, the masseuse I got on all days was excellent. They were strenuous with the massage for blood circulation purposes. The products used were very good and the essential oils smelt great.


The activities

The gym was a little basic, no towels or water bottles and few machines. However, the fitness instructor was fantastic and we really enjoyed all our sessions with him. The HIIT sessions really made us feel more energetic and we looked forward to it everyday.

The yoga centre is placed in a really beautiful location on this small/cute resort, overlooking the ocean surrounded by pebbles and just surrounded by the beauty of nature. It’s simplistic but yet hugely pleasing. The yoga teacher was also excellent, he explained the different types of yoga and did stretching exercises. It was very relaxing. He knew how to also differentiate the exercises for beginners and advanced level people.

Overall an excellent exercising experience.


The Restaurants

There was no buffet dinner at the hotel. We had to choose ‘à la carte’. However, we only realised afterwards that there was a price limit and any extras would be charged. This is acceptable. However, this should be clarified at check-in. The food choices were healthy so I could follow the nutrition advice, given by the nutritionist, excellent fresh fish and brilliant salads and fresh juices.

Inside tip: Download the Paradise Plage app when you arrive at hotel, it was definitely more useful with information and especially with food ordering at certain time as the lunch/ dinner preparation at the restaurants used to take a long time (45 min).

One of the restaurants had sea views and comfortable sofas and a romantic atmosphere, the other was the loungers on the beach. Just sitting and breathing the salty air of the Atlantic, was very healthy, as well as walking on the beach for Earthing purposes. The beaches were clean and safe, even late at night.


The entertainment

There isn’t much to do in the resort at night time apart from savouring the environment, night time beach walks or to hang around the fire pit near the beach. Alternatively, we enjoyed sitting on our patio. In the surrounding area there are some local shops or restaurants.

One of the days, we decided to go into Agadir, it’s a 35 min journey/£20 taxi ride one way and went to the Marina/ promenade area which is very pretty, safe and clean.

Excursions wise, the principal activity was Paradise Valley near Paradis Plage Resort. However, due to it being Summer and draughts all the lakes had dried up so we were recommended not to go. Going to the Marina area at Agadir was definitely a fun evening out. Usually, though, after the detox schedule, the exercise and massages, it was just relaxing to enjoy our own bungalow.


The return

I left home feeling very lethargic and bloated and in a very bad eating routine and returned home feeling much more energetic. My tongue colour also improved and within 2 days my face and body skin had totally transformed for the better. The overall feeling of well being was definitely enhanced. We had an excellent week making the best out of the weather, the detox circuit, exercise HIIT sessions and the excellent massages. It is also a great destination if you want to get away from a fast paced city life, enjoy nature and enjoy the slow down that the Agadir environment provides.


I will definitely be booking and recommending Longevity Escapes again with Sandra.

By Saima I. from UK. (Travelled in July 2022)

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