Review of BioAge Detox, HIIT and Yoga Program in Rhodes Island

Review of BioAge Detox, HIIT and Yoga Program at Gennadi Grand Resort in Rhodes Island

By Bernice R. from UK. (Travelled in June 2022)

Location: Gennadi Grand Resort Wellness & Spa, Rhodes island, Greece
Organised by: Longevity Escapes


I’m certain a lot of people can relate to the last two years being exceptionally difficult, for many reasons on many different levels, physically, mentally, and emotionally. For me personally, bereavement and grieve, the journey through the menopause, and Covid all played their part, pushing me into a dark hole, backing me into a corner I couldn’t fight my way out off. It all probably sounds very familiar, good choices changed to poor choices, healthy routines became poor routines and good habits became poor habits. I’d lost control of my diet, healthy eating choices, and exercise became non-existent. My mental health was getting worse, and my quality sleep and a good night’s rest was elusive. I’d drifted into this position before and had always boxed my way out of it, but every tactic or approach I tried to use wasn’t working for me this time. All self-motivation had been lost and every trick under the sun used as an excuse not to bring balance back into my life. It was time to find the motivation, help and support from somewhere else to trigger the reset button I desperately needed.

The Search

I’ve always known the value of good nutrition, combined with the right balance of sensible exercise, relevant to my own personal preference likes and capabilities, combined with valuable rest would help realign me, push me in the right direction and create the platform I needed to get my mind and body back into balance. With this in mind, the search for the right holiday with the right combinations of support and disciplines began. Helped by 20 years’ experience participating in 30 different retreats, including Boot Camps, Juice detox, Yoga, Pilates, and Ayurvedic holidays, I know what I was looking for. Hours of research later up popped Longevity Escapes on Google, it definitely seemed the right choice for me.


Sustainable Health Hotels

The added value of a pre-holiday nutritional consultation and a menu adapted to your own dietary requirements and personal needs based on your own goals and ambition was what attracted me most to Longevity Escapes. Along with the choice of beautiful destinations and a strong association with Bio Hotels and Eco Hotels. (Eco-Friendly Hotels use organic, local and seasonal food under strict conditions and uses exclusively certified organic cosmetics. Sustainable management, regional purchasing and environmentally friendly energy and waste circuits are mandatory for all SUSTAINABLE HOTELS) I felt reassured Longevity Escapes was the right company to plan and book my holiday.


Gennadi Grand Resort

Gennadi Grand Resort Rhodes Island, Greece, ticked all the Boxes. 5-star accommodation with 5-star facilities in a peaceful location next to its own private beach provided every activity that I wanted to do. Daily Yoga and HIIT classes, Aqua exercise classes and the opportunity to walk along the beach or into the nearby by hills with their magnificent views back across the coastline, I didn’t need much more to convince me to book.


Room and Facilities

The room and facilities at the hotel did not disappoint, the glorious pictures on the website lived up to the reality, I was left feeling really at ease. The luxurious Spa facilities exceeded expectations, the 3 outside pools were stunning and the grounds well-manicured and the public areas spotlessly clean. The room blocks are spread-out so the hotel whilst busy, never ever seemed busy. It was quiet, peaceful, and tranquil, everything I’d hoped for.


The BioAge Detox Programme

I slotted into my Detox daily routine really easily, one day to adjust and I was sorted. Yoga at 8.30am, each class varying in style every day. Yoga was followed by a breakfast at 9.45am. My menu choices had been predefined and chosen for me in accordance with my nutritional requirements established at the nutrition consultation before I left for Greece. Colourful, tasty, nutritional, filling food that never disappointed. A little rest after breakfast was quickly followed by 30 minutes of Aqua Exercise in the pool. A fun filled exercise routine that made me smile, laugh, and feel grateful to have chosen Gennadi Grand resort for my holiday. Aqua was followed by the detox circuit:

  1. Detox supplements
  2. 45 minutes HIIT class
  3. Detox supplements
  4. Sauna or hammam
  5. Body massage: Either a lymphatic, detox or deep tissue massage


The HIIT  class was offered up on the hotel terrace balcony overlooking the beach and the sea, a perfect spot. Classes were intense, but they meant to be. Each day they varied, the routines were never dull or boring. The well-informed personal trainers kept you motivated and ensured every aspect of the body was catered for and worked on properly. After completing all of the day’s exercise, I either rested by the pool or hit the beach or embraced the luxury of the Hotel Spa. Several treatments are included in the package such as body massages and facials. I actually booked extra because they were just so good.



Bespoke Food and Amazing Dinners

After a day of detox, rest and relaxation, my evening meal was taken in the restaurant at a time that suited me. The flexibility of the hotel and restaurant staff was very endearing. The same table with beach views reserved every night, making me feel comfortable and relaxed, knowing I was being looked after in a traditional but unobtrusive way. Once again my food choices had been selected by Longevity Escapes, all of which satisfied immensely. I left my table every evening very content. This aspect of the holiday, a personal menu, nutritionally designed to meet your personal needs could not have been better and played a big part in helping me achieve the personal goals I had set for myself. My energy levels were fully replenished, fatigue and brain fog were completely diminished. Feeling normal again felt just amazing!


Will I Return?

The significance of the dietary aspect of the wellness holiday should not be underestimated. Exercise and healthy eating were the core fundamentals and catalysts for regaining my motivation, energy, and positive mentality to achieve every goal that I set for myself on this particular holiday.

Longevity Escapes created the environment for me to succeed on my quest to reset, refresh and reboot. Would I recommend Longevity Escapes? Yes I would.


Bernice R. from UK (Travelled in September 2021)

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